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Taking Effective Action is a 501(c)3 empowering women, men, youth and families to live healthier lives.

TEA is an acronym meaning Taking Effective Action, for spirit, mind, and body health. It is a spiritually based health education organization based in Prince George’s County Maryland. TEA specializes in wellness education programs, products, and cooperative efforts with others to enable women, men, youth and families to achieve and maintain optimal health.

The goal of TEA is to focus on the often-unrecognized obstacles that hinder women, men, youth and families from enjoying optimal spirit, mind, and physical health. TEA strives to accomplish this goal primarily through action-oriented, skill-building presentations, discussions, and hands-on demonstrations where participants are given the knowledge and resources to live a healthier, wealthier life.

Why TEA?

By learning how to Take Effective Action, you will learn how to take charge of your life. You will learn how to recognize and overcome obstacles that keep you from reaching optimal spiritual, mental, and physical wellness.

Get your Prescription for TEA!

Learn Lifetime Strategies for Optimal Spiritual, Mental, and Physical Health.

It’s Time for TEA!

(Taking Effective Action) for Spirit, Mind, and Body Health. It’s time to begin your journey toward better health.

Get Rid of Excess Weight!

Spiritual, physical, and mental baggage holds us down and makes the journey towards our goals more laborious. Learn how to shed this unnecessary weight.

What You Can Do To Help

Make a Financial Donation.

As a 100% privately funded 501(c)(3) non-profit, your contribution is tax deductible and will directly benefit the empowerment of women, men, youth and families as they improve their health. Please consider making a personal or corporate contribution by donating, sponsoring, volunteering, or providing in kind services for TEA’s many health initiatives. Your contribution will help many people to gain valuable, free access to invigorating, and supportive health education programs designed to improve their health.

Donations can be made in any amount:

Checks can be sent to:
Taking Effective Action, Inc.,
P.O. Box 4433
Upper Marlboro MD 20775

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Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.” Gen 1:2

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