Please join us for an evening of Health Awareness Enlightenment and Education as we strive to help reduce Cardiovascular Disease. Presented by Taking Effective Action, Inc., in partnership with: Love A.M.E. Church, New Beginnings Community Church, and Cornerstone New Life Ministries.

Saturday, September 21, 2019
Rennie Forum
Prince Georges’s Community College
301 Largo Road, Largo MD

In this two-act play, the plot centers on a woman who is at a critical point in her health. She is at risk for a heart attack, Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Stroke, and High Cholesterol. Her primary care physician has been working with her for eight years trying to get her to modify her health behavior. The doctor is at her wit’s end and wants to put the woman on additional medication to help in reducing her health numbers. The woman pleads with her doctor to let her try one more time and asks the doctor to let her try making some changes in her health regimen during a three month period. The doctor agrees and gives the woman one more chance to get her health together by changing her lifestyle. The woman finally realizes that there are no short cuts to good health. It takes work and consistency to achieve optimal health and there will always be a little negative force trying to tempt her brain from fighting against her heart.The play will be followed by a panel discussions on the aspects of the play:”What it takes to change your behavior and live a healthy life.”

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