Column Animation

Buttons can be styled in a variety of ways to achieve the look required by using a combination of size classes, background color/border-color, text color classes, border style classes and icons.

Column Animations

Fade In

Slide in Bottom – Short

Slide in Right – Short

Slide in Top – Short

Slide in Left – Short

Slide in Bottom – Long

Slide in Right – Long

Slide in Top – Long

Slide in Left – Long

Bounce In

Bounce Out

Bounce in Bottom

Bounce in Right

Bounce in Top

Bounce in Left

Scale in

Scale out

Flip in X

Flip in Y

Spin in X

Spin in Y

Helicopter in

Helicopter out

Swing in Top

Swing in Right

Swing in Bottom

Swing in Left

Wiggle X

Wiggle Y

Drop in Bottom

Drop in Top

Roll in Left

Roll in Right

Turn in Right

Turn in Left